Comfy & Cute Stay -At -Home Style! (During Social Distancing)

Although the vaccine is here we still have a little ways to go before things go completely back to normal. I know some of you like me are still working from home. One of the easiest ways to loose site of self during this time of social distancing, is to trash you normal self care routine. Lets be honest when working from home you can easily fall into the habit of not styling your hair for the day, not doing that facial, and not getting dressed. During this time of isolation feeling good and maintaining good mental health is extremely important. I think we all can relate to that old saying we've heard our entire lives "when you look good, you feel good". Here are some lounge, home wear styling ideas of pieces I already have that you can where during these times at home that are also cute and comfortable. Also see attached links of some similar styles you can put together that will give you the same cute comfy vibe.