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Cancun Mexico Dreams Natura Resort Spa

Dreams Natura spa is #1 on my list. This resort is perfect for a beacation, a family trip or a girls trip. I will be talking about a few aspects of the resort including the amazing cenotes inspired spa, so if you are interested continue to read along. before we continue on I would like to address that we did have a preferred club package. With the preferred club package you have a lot of upgraded amenities. some of these amenities include room service top shelf spirits and access to specific areas like the preferred club lounge in the preferred club areas on the beach and pool That only preferred club members are allowed in.To top it off we were giving a cute hemp tote With the Dreams logo on it and a bottle of wine and fruit in your room on arrival.




I found the arrival pretty typical of most all inclusive resorts we were offered drinks on arrival. Because we had the preferred club package we were taken to the preferred club room to check in privately. In the preferred club room there was lunch more drinks available in a bar for preferred club members. we also had early check in as well,which we appreciated because we got there early and we had the full day.


Room service amazing! so if you know me one thing you know about me is I enjoy chamomile tea before bed. because of health conditions I don’t consume sugar. I go for more natural sweeteners like honey. I find that going to certain resorts their room service menu is very short and basic but not here dreams Natura. I was able to order my tea and honey every night with no problem. In the mornings I was able to order fresh fruit for breakfast along with honey and creamer to use the amazing Nespresso machine in the room with no issue.

housekeeping was another thing I found exceptional at this resort. Housekeeping keeping came twice a day they came in the morning to do the initial clean and to replace towels, make the bed replace the mini bar etc. but what stood out to me was while we were out for dinner they came to do another mini clean replace the incense in the room and turn our beds down for the night which I thought was exceptional and the definition of luxury. This was something I’ve never experienced in any resort and now some thing I think I’ll need for future travel plans LOL.


Overall I will give the staff thumb up. I found the the exceptionally nice. In my experience with visiting all inclusive resorts I find that a lot of the staff pressure you for Tips.while I’m all for giving tips because I understand that this is how some of the staff maintain living, I don’t like to feel like you’re doing your job just for the tip. The staff on this resort was very nice not one person that I ran by made me feel obligated to give a tip for the service. For that reason i over tipped

Dreams natura resort spa. Pretty little things beach outfit




The resort had a Total of nine restaurants, which included an a few American buffet style restaurants, a seafood restaurant, hibachi restaurant, a Mexican restaurant, a steak restaurant, an Italian restaurant, and a bar & Grill restaurant next to the pool open during lunch hours. This was not one of my favorite parts of this vacation the food to me was just OK! It wasn’t bad but it didn’t give me a wow factor.


There were a countless amount of bars throughout the resort including the ones only for preferred Club members. Again because we were prefer club members we were able to get top shelf drinks which made things even better.

Dreams natura spa beach vacation infinity pool




Again because we were preferred club members and we booked a Oceanview we were in a room with upgraded amenities.The rooms are amazing spacious and a zen space. We were provided with instants that smells amazing daily, Bath robes and slippers, and the toiletries like sunscreen mosquito repellent etc. The shower was hand held shower head with the option to use a rainfall head shower,amazing .The bed was super comfy the linen was always clean. And last but not least the amazing ocean view was worth the upgrade.

The hotel grounds itself beautiful! The landscaping and the views were exceptional. The resort was not too big but also not too small perfect for someone who doesn’t like to walk a lot. it’s big enough to get lost, but was small enough to not be exhausted heading to the restaurant for lunch.The resort also had a lot of “Instagramable” Photo ops. In fact this was one of the features in promoting their resort.


The beach was OK! This may be a little biased as I am a two second beach girl. I tend enjoy the pool more. There was some seaweed on the beach,but very little not enough to be too distracting. The water had some debris’s in there too but I can also equate that to the time of the year we went so I think it’s a little unfair for me to give this part honest review. But what I did enjoy was the cabanas offered to the preferred club members and the service on the beach. The pools loved loved loved! There were a total of 4 pools. One adult only infinity With a swim up bar! Another infinity pool overlooking the beach into other pools.


The resort also offered three main attractions. If you are looking for somewhere where you don’t have to leave the resort for activities this is the resort for you. There was zip lining, three waterslides, and a lazy river. I did get a chance to do each slide which I enjoyed. But I really wanted to experience the lazy river but because of the time or season that I went it was closed for maintenance which was a bummer but I’ll definitely be back to try it.


I have to say that this was one of the most expensive resorts that I’ve been to as far as shopping. While I want to say it was because of Covid I’m not sure but they did allow vendors to come on the resort one night while we stayed and they had more moderate price things so that I can purchase souvenirs for family and friends which I enjoyed.


OK! last but not least the spa, Loved loved loved! Not only was the spa visually pleasing but the staff and the service was exceptional. The pricing was affordable for the service you received. The spa was design to mimic the cenote‘s which I felt they did an exceptional job. It was beautiful. The moment you walk in the spa, between the smells the beautiful interior it just puts your soul at this level of peace and relaxation along with a feeling of a luxury experience. I did purchase the The fish pedicure which was $39 that was an experience itself, and a first for me. The pedicure included a feet wash, a scrub and rinse down. After you go in to the fish tank for 20 mins. After you come out and get a moisturizing massage. We also booked a 50 minute full body massage. The original price of the massage was $155. Because we were preferred club members we got $40 off each massage which came to a total of $115 per person. For $115 we were able to use the Hydro pool, the steam room, the sauna, the cold pool dips and showers,last the very warm jacuzzi throughout the day in the entire spa. Not Only do you get to use it but When you come in you are assigned to a staff member who directs you in what order to use each system. This is done so that your body fully absorbs each treatment and you can reach Max relaxation before your massage. That and itself was exceptional and to top it off with a 50 minute full body massage exceeded my expectations. There were other systems that they did have in the spa facility that we did not use but in the future I look forward to doing like creating your own body scrub and body washes.


This was a top notch luxury vacation. perfect for photo, relaxation, fun and more. Overall I would give this resort a thumbs up. I do wish the food was a lot better but everything else made up for it in my opinion. I would definitely Vacation here again and i would encourage others to as well.

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