NYC Apartment Decor On A Budget!

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

When you think of living in New York City, Most people think of living this fabulous life, in a luxurious super nice, super bomb apartment. Waking up to gorgeous views while sipping your morning coffee. That is unless you are actually from here of course. The reality of Living in New York is that you will pay an arm, leg and kidney to live in pretty small apartments. Furnishing and decorating your apartment to your liking if you desire a luxurious look will cost you the other arm, leg and kidney lol. But there are solutions to get around spending so much on furnishing and home decor. Such as furniture arrangement to make the best of your space. As well as D.I.Y. projects, buying barely used furniture, and shopping at discounted home decor stores to save some coins. Today I will show you how I furnished and decorated my apartment using these sources and techniques.

Plants are a recurring theme you will see through out my apartment. I love plants, they add a beautiful refreshing and natural look to your place. Not only is the greenery beautiful decor but is good for your home as well. Plants have a complex pathway for recycling toxins into carbon dioxide.

This Ikea 5x5 kallax shelving unit is a perfect room divider if you live in a studio apartment. I purchased this barely used shelf on Facebook market place for $50.00. I decorated the shelf with quartz, books, picture frames, etc. All from stores like HomeGoods, Marshalls, and my local discount store.

I purchased my bed frame on Wayfair is a super affordable website for house decor, appliances, and furniture.

This Tv console was purchased on Facebook Market place as well for $25.00. I then purchased wood midcentury legs from for $15.00, and screwed them right on.

D.I.Y. wall decor. I designed this wall art for my bathroom using adobe illustrator. I printed the art on card stock and placed them in picture frames from Micheals. This is a projects you can customize to you'r liking. For example you can paint on canvas if you are feeling super artsy and frame it.

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